Did you believe we can reach the SDGs Goals and Targets?

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We advocate knowledge and skills for development within the frame of the SDGs!

KFDWB provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills and knowledge for development to people around the world with information on sustainable development issues and best practices. It includes learning, skills, knowledge for development and interaction tools between members and users to face challenges of the 21st century in their local communities.

We are working wihtin the SDGs. The mission of our open forum is to identify current development issues as well as the best development practices on the ground inline with the SDGs. We make this knowledge readily available to development organisations and local and national responsible bodies in order to highlight and alleviate the problems at a community level. Our mission is to help those without a voice be able to express their needs and the needs of their community. We raise awareness on local development issues worldwide, in an effort to alleviate these issues once and for all. Click on here to view the information concerning development issues we have collected so far…

Development aid support system

Our development aid support system is a way for local communities to make their joint work accessible to a wider audience. These communities are up of volunteer aid workers interested in letting the world and development aid agencies know of the human development situation on the ground. In addition, which local approach would be best to solve the Developemnt issue at hand.

As a Global Social Service Support to SDGs we strive to mobilize, connect people, empower local Citizens worldwide without distinction so that they know, understand, secure and enforce their roles, responsibilities and engagements in the achievement of SDGs. Access to ICT skills and knowledge for development that promote local and global sustainable development is one of our chore.

Since you’re here …

we have a small favour to ask. – We will appreciate it if you can share your ideas, efforts and best practices on what you are doing or what you think we should do to reach the SDGs you are interested in your country or at your place.

Below you can find each goal with the related link forum. To start click on the goal then view more to enter the forum room.

You can stay anonymous but we will advise you to share a correct forum mail adresse so that you should receive an update on the topic you have created, commented or you are following. Please note that the forum is available in more than 50 languages via the translation option available on our website.

Are you interested in our training program 2019?

The core process of our Trainee Program is to equip our trainees with the Job skills development they need to access with success to local or an international Job placement in the future. Our organization is committed to that. Our Trainee Program is always a small project-based internship which means the Trainee will work on a small Project with a common agreement on the measurable outcome of project delivery.

The program 2019 is target to students, joung researchers, volunteers and individuals who are willing to get a knowledge and practice in project management and research that promote job skills in demand in their respective career path.

Click on here to learn more about our training programe 2019.

Abdullahi Abbas Yakubu January 28, 2019

Good Day all
I believe that with concerted efforts we can achieve the SDG goals is matter of mind set, real dedication, committment and selfless services.