Skills for development training

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development aid support said:
We are working to translate available global/local knowledge into local practices while teaching and coaching local communities to explore the available knowledge resources for development into their local sustainable development context so that they can take control of their own well-being. This is our core task…
Skills for development. The world is changing – and Knowledge and skills for development capabilities are changing with it. Our efforts to promote and support the access to accurate information, knowledge and skills for development without barriers are driving a transformation in developing countries. We are promoting Knowledge and Skills for development in term of getting a job, promoting business, and also in engaging with development issues in the local community level.
For more information on our commitment to advocate and advance Knowledge and skills for development please refer to our reporting Toolkit
Below you can find some pictures of delivered skills for development training. Our unique mechanism and concern is how to translate and make accessible with the right formats these numerous, available and in the future produced knowledge or learning materials into local practices for own sustainable development, particularly for social well-being and tolerance to everyone without distinction of level of education and the access to internet worldwide….


Our Teaching and Learning Materials Center. Learning never stops. Dedicated professionals and individuals are lifelong learners. That is why we are creationg a global teaching and Learning Materials Center for all.
Knowledge for Development without Borders (KFDWB), a Vienna-based non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2014. KFDWB’s core activity is to train disadvantaged individuals in peripheral regions in developing regions in ICT (Information and communication technologies) and business skills. Our objective is to empower these individuals and thus to make them development agents within their communities. Thereby, KFDWB’s overall aim is to contribute to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our OpenCommunity platform is meant to help promote their efforts, to share relevant knowledge as well as to be a contact point for students, tutors, professionals and interested individuals. In the first place, it shall serve local citizens to be aware of the SDGs and of their potential roles and responsibilities. Moreover, KFDWB wants to use the platform to establish partnerships with important players in the development sector.

Your aid – small or large – is appreciated will help us to reach our goals. You can also contribute directly to our Association’s bank account – every cent is highly appreciated! Adresse: Hutweidengasse 21/5/9, A-1190 Wien, Austria. Bank Account: IBAN: AT482011182761543900, Swift Code/BIC: GIBAATWWXXX.

We thank you for any amount of financial support!



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